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A quick guide to Guides, Grids and Rulers in Photoshop

*Updated November 2016* One of the easiest ways to improve your designs, whether they are for print or screen, is to align visual elements. Photoshop provides us with a set of tools that make it simple to place components in the right spots. These tools are the guides, grids and rulers. Guides and grids don’t …

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How To Find and Use the Arrow Brushes In Illustrator

Illustrator comes preloaded with tons of arrow brushes in many different styles. The arrows are hidden away under the Brush Library menu. Here’s how to find them and use them. 1 In the Brushes panel, click the Brush Libraries Menu button in the bottom-left corner. Choose “Arrows,” then choose “Arrows_Special”; a floating panel of arrows …

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Photoshop Tutorial – Removing Gordon Brown’s Bags

Gordon Brown’s been going through the mill a bit recently and his undereye bags are getting bigger. Here’s a quick method of retouching any photograph in Photoshop to reduce or remove undereye bagginess. Now if I could just do this permanently to myself … Open the portrait that you want to retouch. I’m using this …

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Photoshop Tutorial : Create a Postage Stamp With Your Artwork

* This tutorial was updated in September 2011 and uses screengrabs from Photoshop CS5. The method is the same for all previous CS versions of Photoshop * Today, I’m going to take a look at how to use Photoshop and one of your photographs (or any image) and make it look like a postage stamp. …

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