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how to remove stuff from a photo using content aware fill in Photoshop

Removing “Stuff” From Photos Using The Content Aware Fill In Photoshop

*Updated July 2016 to reflect screen changes in Photoshop CC. This retouching technique also works well with previous versions of Photoshop and hasn’t really changed* When I show my class some retouching and repairing techniques I usually get a couple of “oohs” and “ah”s when we look at the Content Aware Fill function in Photoshop. This is …

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Photoshop Tutorial – Removing Gordon Brown’s Bags

Gordon Brown’s been going through the mill a bit recently and his undereye bags are getting bigger. Here’s a quick method of retouching any photograph in Photoshop to reduce or remove undereye bagginess. Now if I could just do this permanently to myself … Open the portrait that you want to retouch. I’m using this …

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How To Remove Red-eye in Photoshop With One Click

*Updated in February 2017 to reflect changes in the Photoshop CC interface. This quick one-click method to remove red-eye is exactly the same in pre-CC versions of Photoshop.* We’ve all seen photographs of people where the subject has “red eye”. Sometimes it’s mild, with just a hint of red-eye, other times it makes the person look …

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