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how to straighten a photo with the ruler tool in photoshop

How to quickly straighten a photo in Photoshop using the Ruler Tool

The Ruler Tool The Ruler tool is an often overlooked tool hidden beneath the eyedropper on the Photoshop toolbar. You can use it to to measure lengths, straighten photographs and place objects exact distances apart. In short, it’s very handy. Here’s a video showing you how to quickly straighten a lopsided photo.   How to …

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Beginners Guide To The Photoshop Toolbar & Tools

*This post was updated for Photoshop CC in July 2016. Note that most of the tools are exactly the same, and work in exactly the same way in older versions, even if the tool icons have changed slightly in the Photoshop toolbar.* Just like an artist’s work table, the Photoshop toolbar, the long, narrow palette …

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