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How To Create A Photo-Grid Poster In Photoshop

This is from an article I wrote for PhotographyBB magazine – the best photography magazine on the web! It’s a technique you can use to gather together a number of your shots with a common theme and present them in a nice grid format. The idea is to do some close cropping on the images …

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Happy 4th Of July: Photography By Diane Arbus

Another post about my favourite American artists and photographers for the day that’s in it. My Dad was (and still is) a very keen photographer and I remember clearly seeing my first Diane Arbus photographs in one of his books when I was a kid and feeling mesmerized, not quite sure why but just very, …

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Happy 4th Of July: Photography By Weegee

This is the first of several posts I’m putting up today of my favourite American photographers and artists. Arthur Fellig was born in Austria in 1899 and moved to the the USA in 1909, settling in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. In 1935, he became a freelance photographer and acquired the name Weegee, apparently a reference …

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