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How To Open Images In Camera Raw

I recently wrote an introduction to Camera Raw in Photoshop, briefly outlining what Camera Raw is, and what the raw file format is. In this follow-up, we’ll take a look at how to open up images in the Camera Raw plug-in. We can work with Raw, JPEG and TIFF files. You can open a raw file …

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10 Beautiful Examples of Photo Retouching & Manipulation

The following are all people I’ve admired from afar. This collection is a taster of some of the fabo photo retouching and manipulation work they do, something I’m really interested in and do a bit of work in myself. So these guys are quite inspirational. You’ll find no swirls or swooshes in this lot, they …

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10 Photoshop Painting Tools Shortcuts

When we think about the painting tools in Photoshop, the main ones that spring to mind are the Brush, Pencil and Eraser, but there are actually 22 tools in this set. In the illustration below you can see all of the Photoshop painting tools. Almost all of these tools work as a “brush”, which means …

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