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How To Find and Use the Arrow Brushes In Illustrator

Illustrator comes preloaded with tons of arrow brushes in many different styles. The arrows are hidden away under the Brush Library menu. Here’s how to find them and use them. 1 In the Brushes panel, click the Brush Libraries Menu button in the bottom-left corner. Choose “Arrows,” then choose “Arrows_Special”; a floating panel of arrows …

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Illustrator: Quick Tip – Gaps & Live Paint

When you create an illustration in Illustrator CS2, you will find that not every path will line up perfectly and you will see gaps. If you want to fill in a region with colour, these sort of gaps can sometimes cause problems and you end up with a blue face when you were actually just …

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Illustrator: Quick Tip – Rotating

When you’re using the Rotate tool (R), you might find that when your mouse is too close to the rotate bounding box, that you’re getting strange results. To gain more control over rotation, move your mouse cursor a little bit away from the bounding box and you should find you have more control over its …

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Illustrator: Quick Tip – Using the Effect Gallery

When you are trying out different effects in Illustrator CS2, the Effect Gallery is a great way to see all the various effects using one dialog box instead of going up and down through the Effect menu to preview each one individually. It’s also a great place for playing. The effects gallery lets you apply …

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