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Ivan Campo Illustration for Kampion Football Talent Project

This is my illustration of Spanish footballer Ivan Campo. It’s part of the Kampion Football project which involves over 100 illustrators creating images of various players. I was invited to participate in the project which is organized by Portuguese advertising guy Lourenço Cunha Ferreira. The project is a card game and will be available in …

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Animal ABC Gets A Mention In Image Magazine

Well I never, ever, ever expected to see my name in a fashion magazine, but I’m delighted to say it appeared in print in October’s issue of Image Magazine. A big thank you to the magazine for featuring my illustrated Animal ABC iBook in a special section on Parenting – with the book appearing under …

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How To Use The Pen Tool In Illustrator – Part 2 Curved Paths

Hello again. Nice to see you back for some Illustrator Pen tool goodness. So in the previous post, we looked at how to use the Illustrator Pen tool to draw straight line segments. Continuing on from there, let’s look at how to draw curves with the Pen. This tends to be the part where people …

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How To Make A Spirograph Effect In Illustrator

I used to love Spirograph when I was a kid. I had two sets, the one that my older sisters had that was completely wrecked which I inherited, and the one I got from Santy. Mine was the set with four coloured pens and I used to look at the pictures on the cover of …

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Offset Design Conference Comes To Dublin

Saw this very exciting news this morning, Offset 2009 will take place in Dublin from 6 – 8 November. It sounds like there will be some pretty amazing speakers including Chip Kidd, Dave McKean, Tara McPherson and a personal hero of mine, Oliver Jeffers. Early bird tickets are on sale now until the 30th of …

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