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Listed In HOW’s Top 10 Websites For Designers

” Small trumpet blowing time. I was delighted to receive an email from Megan at HOW Magazine’s blog telling me that Laughing Lion is listed in the May Top 10 websites for designers. So I’m very happy about that. It’s always nice to get a link but extra nice when it’s from an organisation like …

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Offset Design Conference Comes To Dublin

Saw this very exciting news this morning, Offset 2009 will take place in Dublin from 6 – 8 November. It sounds like there will be some pretty amazing speakers including Chip Kidd, Dave McKean, Tara McPherson and a personal hero of mine, Oliver Jeffers. Early bird tickets are on sale now until the 30th of …

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Photoshop Tutorial: The Letterpress Effect

Letterpress is popular with many print designers because of the beautiful effect it creates on business cards, book covers or pretty much any type of printed material. Letterpress works by pressing the ink into the paper leaving a coloured imprint. You can find a TON of information on letterpress printing here on the Five Roses …

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Photoshop Tutorial: Changing Lip Colour

In this Photoshop tutorial, I’m going to show you a quick and easy way to change the colour of someone’s lips. You might find this useful if you work for a lipstick manufacturer or if you have a photograph where you hate your lipstick colour. 1. Open the photograph that you are going to retouch. …

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Adding An Elegant Title To An Image in Photoshop

There are times when you need to put a title on an image, whether for print work or for the web. Sometimes you might put it above the image, often you might place it below the image, but one way to add a nice elegant title is to actually put it in the image. In …

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