Photoshop Text Effects

Do you want to learn how to create text effects to add to your designs and photographs? I’ve written these Photoshop Text Effects tutorials to show you how to make some interesting and eye-catching type. Each tutorial is a visual step by step guide on how to use the tools. I hope you find them useful.

How To Draw Text On A Path In Photoshop

Adding text on a path is an important technique which designers use to create interesting text effects and it is especially useful with logo design. I'll show you how to easily create text on a path in Photoshop using both the Pen tool and a Shape tool. You'll see how...

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How To Make Cute Furry Text In Photoshop

*Updated June 2016 to reflect changes in Photoshop CC* This is an update to an article I originally wrote for PhotographyBB magazine. It's good fun and might be something you could use for graphic design or personal work – it produces quite a cute effect. The idea is...

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Photoshop Tutorial: The Letterpress Effect

Letterpress is popular with many print designers because of the beautiful effect it creates on business cards, book covers or pretty much any type of printed material. Letterpress works by pressing the ink into the paper leaving a coloured imprint. You can find a TON...

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How to warp type (in a good way) in Photoshop

*Updated January 2017 to reflect changes to Photoshop CC 2017 interface. But warp type works equally well in all versions of Photoshop* It’s easy to add a bit of flair to your text using Photoshop's Create Warped Text command. Warping lets you distort type into a wide...

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