Photoshop Fundamentals

Are you new to Photoshop? Are you struggling a little bit or finding it overwhelming? Don’t worry, everyone does at the start. I’ve written these Photoshop Fundamentals tutorials specifically for beginners who want to learn Photoshop. Each tutorial is a visual step by step guide on how to use the tools. I hope you find them useful.

Photoshop Tip: Moving The Background Layer

A question that comes up fairly regularly in Photoshop class is; “why can’t I move the Background layer”. The layer is a bit of a funny one because when you look at it in the layers palette, you can see a little lock beside the name so it seems like you should just be...

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Photoshop Tip: Holding On To Your History

As you may know, the History palette in Photoshop allows you to keep track of all the commands, brush strokes and changes you make when you're working on an image. The problem is, it only allows a certain number of history "states" to be recorded and even then they...

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Ten Commandments for Photoshop Users

I heard this morning that the Vatican has just issued ten commandments for drivers. I could probably learn a thing or two from them. Anyway, I decided to write a ten commandments for Photoshop Users. 1. Thou shalt worship Photoshop and shall have no other image...

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