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How to create a simple reflected text effect in Photoshop

*Updated in July 2016 to reflect (no pun intended) the changes in Photoshop. This still works perfectly on older versions of the program* Today’s Photoshop tutorial shows you how to give the impression of reflected text. This is a fun and easy to achieve effect, created using a couple of transformations, the gradient tool and …

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How to warp type (in a good way) in Photoshop

*Updated January 2017 to reflect changes to Photoshop CC 2017 interface. But warp type works equally well in all versions of Photoshop* It’s easy to add a bit of flair to your text using Photoshop’s Create Warped Text command. Warping lets you distort type into a wide range of shapes, such as a flag, a …

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Photoshop Tutorial : Make a Text Clipping Mask

Here’s a new tutorial – all about how to use text as a clipping mask in Photoshop. Many people avoid clipping masks because there is a perception that they are difficult or that you need to be some kind of Photoshop master to use them. As you’ll see in this tutorial there is nothing to …

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