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Photoshop Tip : Layer Palette Thumbnails

When you look at the thumbnail on the Layers palette in Photoshop you see a small preview of what appears on each layer. If you find that the thumbnails on the Layers palette are too small (or possibly too big) you can change the thumbnail size. Click on the Layers palette menu (the triangle in …

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Photoshop Quick Tip : Changing Ruler Units Fast

Sometimes when you’re working on a project in Photoshop, you realise, after you’ve opened a new document, that your rulers are set to pixels rather than centimeters (or vice versa or one of the other units). Here’s a mega-quick way to change ruler measurement units: Right-click (windows) or Control-click (Mac) directly on the ruler. A …

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How To Remove Red-eye in Photoshop With One Click

*Updated in February 2017 to reflect changes in the Photoshop CC interface. This quick one-click method to remove red-eye is exactly the same in pre-CC versions of Photoshop.* We’ve all seen photographs of people where the subject has “red eye”. Sometimes it’s mild, with just a hint of red-eye, other times it makes the person look …

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Photoshop Quick Tip : Shutting Down Open Photoshop Documents Fast

This quick tip came to mind earlier today. I had Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and the web (naturally!) open on my pc and a colleague came into the classroom to install some new software on the pc. Not only did I have all of those programs open, but I also had several images open inside Photoshop. …

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Photoshop Quick Tip : Sortin’ Your Document Windows

You’ve probably found yourself working with lots and lots of images in separate document windows. And I’m sure, just like me you found it a bit of a pain in the bum sorting through them. Well one quick way of whizzing through each of those windows is to use the following shortcut: Ctrl + Tab …

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