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Photoshop Tutorial : How to use the Trim Command

The Trim command in Photoshop provides another way to crop an image. The Trim command works by removing unwanted parts of the image – you can specify which parts. The image crops by trimming surrounding transparent pixels, or background pixels of the colour you specify. Here’s a quick tutorial showing you how it works.

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Photoshop Quick Tip : Rotate through images quickly

Just a short quick tip today. If you have a pile of images open in Photoshop, a very quick way to cycle through them is to hit Ctrl + Tab. This will rotate through all the open images. Much quicker than choosing Window > Filename – and picking each file out one at a time.

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Finding Hidden Transform Handles in Photoshop

When you drag a large image onto a smaller one in Photoshop, often you will need to make the larger photograph smaller. To resize the large photograph, you can use the Edit > Free Transform option. However when you choose Free Transform in a situation like this, the corner handles you need to drag to …

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