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Photoshop Tip: Free Transform Menu

As you know, in Photoshop you can transform objects in lots of different ways. You can rotate, skew, warp, distort, flip horizontally and vertically. To speed up your workflow, instead of choosing Edit > Transform to see a list of the transformations available, it’s quicker and easier to just select the object you want to …

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Photoshop Tip: An Alternative Way To Create Transparency

One way make a background transparent is to delete the Background Layer in a Photoshop image, leaving the layers above it visible. Then save the image as a GIF or PNG. An alternative and easy way to save a partly transparent image is to do the following. 1. When you’re finished working on your web …

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Photoshop Quick Tip: Colour coding layers

There are several ways to organise your layers in Photoshop to make them more manageable or to group them together. You can use layer comps or layer folders, OR another option is to use colour coding in your layers palette. This can help to give you a quick visual reminder of layers that are related …

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10 Photoshop Painting Tools Shortcuts

When we think about the painting tools in Photoshop, the main ones that spring to mind are the Brush, Pencil and Eraser, but there are actually 22 tools in this set. In the illustration below you can see all of the Photoshop painting tools. Almost all of these tools work as a “brush”, which means …

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Photoshop Tip: Quick Tracking and Kerning of Text

Tracking If you want to change the Tracking (the space between each letter in a word or group of words), there are a couple of shortcuts that allow you to do it without going into the Character Palette. Using these keyboard shortcuts is a great way to speed up your workflow as you can keep …

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