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My Photoshop Colour Picker Looks Funny! How Do I Fix It?

A question that comes up quite frequently in my Photoshop classes is “What’s wrong with my colour picker? I’m not getting the usual palette of colours.” Or words to that affect. By default the Photoshop colour picker looks like this: However, you may find that one day, out of the blue, your colour picker looks …

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8 Tips For Speeding Up Your Navigation Around Photoshop

I haven’t really written too many list posts, not sure why really, but here’s one today. These are 8 easy ways to speed up how you move around the interface in Photoshop. A keyboard press here, a keyboard press there and you will be flying around your workspace. Most of these I use without even …

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Photoshop Tip: Copy & Transform At The Same Time

Most of the time when you transform an object in Photoshop (scale, rotate, perspective, distort), you apply the transformation to the object itself, but did you know that you can also make a duplicate of your object and transform it at the same time? Here’s how; 1. Select your object in the layers palette, or …

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