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Photoshop Quick Tip – One Keyboard Shortcut With Two Different Uses

If you’ve ready many of my Photoshop tips here on Laughing Lion Design, you’ll know that I am a HUGE fan of keyboard shortcuts. (check out this giant poster of Photoshop CC Toolbar shortcuts) One of the most useful Photoshop keyboard shortcuts must certainly be Command + T (Ctrl + T on windows). This is the shortcut …

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Eyedropper Photoshop

How to pick a colour outside of Photoshop using the Eyedropper tool

The Eyedropper tool in Photoshop samples color to designate a new foreground or background color. You can sample from the active image which you have open in Photoshop or from any other part of the interface. But did you know that you can sample a colour outside the Photoshop application interface? Well my friends, you …

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What to do if your Photoshop tools start acting strange

I’m sure, like me, there have been times when you’ve been using Photoshop and one of the tools starts doing its own thing and acts completely strange. So what’s a Photoshop user to do when the tools get wierd? Well the first thing to do is to check in the Options / Control Bar to …

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Layers Panel Photoshop

Save individual layers as files in Photoshop

This can be a massive time-saver if you’ve created layers in Photoshop and want to save each layer as its own image file. There are a pile of formats you can save your layers in – JPEG, TIFF, PDF and PSD to name a few. Photoshop will automatically name each file based on the layer …

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