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Photoshop and Bridge : Part Deux

When you have a large number of images to work with, it can be quite time-consuming to have to browse through them. In part 2 of this series on Adobe Bridge, I’m taking a look at how to rank and sort files. Ranking and sorting image files Adobe Bridge has a star-ranking feature that you …

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Using Adobe Bridge With Photoshop (Part 1)

Recently I started a new class teaching digital design. Photoshop is the first piece of software that we tackle and I asked the class of 20, how many of them had used Photoshop before. Almost every single person had some experience. I also asked the class how many of them had used Adobe Bridge before. …

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Photoshop / Bridge Quick Tip : Embed Your Info In Your Photographs

Everytime you take a picture with your digital camera, some background information is embedded into the photograph. This information is called EXIF data and it records information such as the camera name, exposure, shutter speed and a whole lot more technical data. By using Bridge (which comes with Photoshop CS2 and CS3) you can also …

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Rearranging thumbnails and renaming files in Adobe Bridge

If you’re the owner of a digital camera, unless you’re very organized I’m sure you have a HUGE number of photographs sitting on your computer with names such as “PSC1000345” and the like. Not very easy to figure out which one is which. Adobe Bridge first appeared with CS2 and allowed you to view thumbnail …

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