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Photoshop : Tutorial – Adding a moon to your photographs

Today I have a really quick and easy Photoshop tutorial that shows you how to add a moon from one picture to another and make it look authentic. All you need is the move tool, a bit of blending and a bit of transforming. 1. Open up the two photographs – one of the moon …

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Photoshop Tutorial : Adjusting the tonal range of a photograph

When we talk about the tonal range of an image, what we’re referring to is the amount of contrast or detail in the image. Every single image you work with, whether it’s from your digital camera or an exiting print that you scan in, will have a range of pixels from the lightest pixels, which …

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Photoshop Tutorial : Using the Crop tool to ADD canvas

The Crop tool is generally used to crop or make an image smaller, but this trick shows you how to add to the canvas area. This is a nice way to add a larger border or white space around an image. It works well for posters and you could also easily adapt it to create …

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