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Photoshop Tutorial: Creating A Panorama With Photomerge

Since version CS, Photoshop has included a superb automated command called Photomerge. Photomerge has improved with every version since and is unbelievably speedy at piecing together two or more photographs to produce a panorama. So if you’re out and about and have a beautiful vista in front of you that you know won’t fit into …

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Photoshop Tutorial: Easy Arrowheads

Photoshop has tools that allows you to quickly create an arrowhead, you just use the line tool and some options from the Options Bar. Here’s how to make an arrow; On the toolbar, select the the line tool. It’s may be hidden under the rectangle tool. Up in the Options Bar, select either a shape …

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Photoshop Tip : Clone from one image to another

You can clone an image, or part of an image onto a separate image in Photoshop using the Clone Tool. Here’s how to do it; 1. Make sure that you have two images open – the one you want to clone from and the one you want to clone to. 2. Select the Clone Tool …

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