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Learn Illustrator Lesson 3 – Drawing Shapes

In previous lessons, you learned about what Adobe Illustrator is and how to find your way around the interface. In this lesson we finally get to do some drawing! Yay. Our focus here is how to use Illustrator’s Shape Drawing tools. This set of tools include the following; Rectangle Tool (M), Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse (L), Polygon, …

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Learn Adobe Illustrator Day 2 – The Interface – Know Your Tools!

In the previous Adobe Illustrator lesson you learned about the difference between vector and pixel based artwork and saw how to create a new document destined for printing. In this lesson we’ll take a look at the Illustrator interface and workspace. When you know where everything is and how to use the interface you workflow …

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01 Learn Illustrator Laughing Lion Design

Learn Adobe Illustrator Day 1 – What *IS* A Vector Anyway?

Hello! I’m Jennifer and welcome to this crash course in Adobe Illustrator. I’ve been teaching Illustrator since 2002 and I use it every day for creating my illustration and design work. This course is for you if you are newbie interested in learning the fundamentals of Adobe Illustrator or if you are an Illustrator old-timer …

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