Rugby World Cup Map

A new illustrated map showing the twenty countries participating in the 2015 Rugby World Cup, currently happening in the UK. Unfortunately Ireland were knocked out yesterday playing Argentina, but they put up a brave fight. This map will appear in an upcoming book which is all about … maps. The print dimensions are about 42cm wide and 16cm high.

Rugby World Cup Illustrated By Jennifer Farley

Below you can see a low res version of the whole map along with some closeups. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger version.

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The vast majority of my illustrations start life in pencil in my sketchbook. I then scan them in, redraw them in Adobe Illustrator and sometimes finish them in Photoshop using textures I create myself.

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More Irish Writers – Illustrated

As part of an on-going project, which isn’t really getting the full attention I’d love to give it, here are two more portraits of Irish writers to add to the previous portrait of George Bernard Shaw. Oscar Wilde and James Joyce.

Irish Writers Illustrated by Jennifer Farley

Oscar Wilde is the second of the portraits, which will eventually include some of our best known Irish male and female writers. Two of my favourite children’s stories are “The Selfish Giant” and “The Happy Prince”, by Wilde. They are both a little bit heart-breaking. And here is Oscar resplendent in red:


James Joyce wrote a book of short stories called “Dubliners” and one of the characters in there was called Farley – just like me. Here is my illustrated homage to the man who wrote many classics, including one I’ve never been able to get through – Ulysses.



Laughing Lion Design Print Shop Is Open!

I’m delighted to say that I now have my own online shop selling prints. Yay!

The Laughing Lion Design Shop doors have been flung open and inside you will find a small but growing collection of fine art prints which have been exhibited and illustrated and customised poster prints for children.

In the fine art print department you can buy prints like this one of Madame Butterfly :

Madame Butterfly Print Jennifer Farley

And this print of the Solar System including Pluto:
Solar System Jennifer Farley

I’ve a number of illustrated poster prints for children which are designed to be customised with their names, including the Super Baby:

Boy Super Baby - Jennifer Farley


The Animal ABC poster is also available and contains all the animals from the book I illustrated a few years ago.

ABC Animal Poster Jennifer Farley

So please check out the new Laughing Lion Design Shop and please share it with your friends in case they would like to buy a nice print too ­čÖé

Summer Reading Adventure – Libraries Ireland



Summer Reading Programmes are running in public libraries across Ireland this summer. The Summer Reading Programme is designed to encourage children to continue reading during their summer break from school. Each child chooses books they want to read, keeps a record of their progress and gets recognition for each step along the way. The programmes are free and open to all children.

Summer-Reading Logo Jennifer-Farley

I created a logo and a series of illustrations and designs to promote the programme including standing pull-up banners, posters, end of shelf signs, wristbands, metal medals, stickers and bags. Below you can see some of the work. The brief required some human characters interacting with some animals, so we have a skateboarding fox, a pirate bear and a parachuting shark (my favourite).

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And It’s Another Yes From Me …

May 22nd is the date for Ireland’s upcoming referendum on Marriage Equality and the slightly less important “Should we allow a 21 year old to be president?” vote. ┬áLast month I posted an illustration I made for the Yes For Love website (Yes For Love is Christian, Gianni & Richard. Three friends, combining their unique skillsets for one goal, marriage equality. )

And now I have another Yes! This illustration was created as a collaboration with┬áDame Fine Print. They asked artists and illustrators to create a heart image┬áto #ShareTheLove to help support the #VOTE YES campaign and ultimately encourage you and us to get out and VOTE! Here’s my Yes!

Yes-Heart Jennifer Farley

This started as a sketch in my notebook but I think it was a bit too complicated. When I brought it into Illustrator I simplified things down a little.

Yes-Heart Sketch Jennifer Farley

The image has now been hand screen printed at A2 size by the lovely and extremely hard working folk at Damn Fine Print, here’s a few photos of the actual prints and I’m so pleased with them, the printing is beautiful. Thank you Damn Fine Print!

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