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What is Graphic Design - Laughing Lion Design

What Is Graphic Design? – Elements of Graphic Design

What Is this Graphic Design you speak of? In the first part of a new series on graphic design for new designers or non-designers (basically anyone who’s interested in learning more about design for use in their own promotional materials), we’ll have a look at what graphic design is. We’ll see some examples of the elements and …

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Using Colour in Design: Tints and Shades

If you’re new to working with colour, it can be tempting to use LOTS of colours, but by sticking with one colour you can gain a nice uniformity in your designs. To get a range of colours based around one colour, you can do two things; 1. Add white to the base colour. This creates …

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Photoshop Tutorial : Designing With Paragraphs of Type

In Photoshop, you will often use point type – a few discrete words or lines – which are added by clicking once with the Type tool and then adding some text. Often, however, a design may call for full paragraphs of text. You can design complete paragraphs of type in Photoshop and you don’t have …

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