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What is Graphic Design - Laughing Lion Design

What Is Graphic Design? – Elements of Graphic Design

What Is this Graphic Design you speak of? In the first part of a new series on graphic design for new designers or non-designers (basically anyone who’s interested in learning more about design for use in their own promotional materials), we’ll have a look at what graphic design is. We’ll see some examples of the elements and …

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Graphic Design of Exhibition Panels – Fingal & The Vikings

To commemorate the 900th Anniversary of Brian Boru’s death, Fingal County Council held a wide range of events. I designed a set of exhibition panels for indoor display. Here’s some of the panels in situ in Swords.  (The white panels at the end of the church are by another designer). The red panels and the …

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Using Colour in Design: Tints and Shades

If you’re new to working with colour, it can be tempting to use LOTS of colours, but by sticking with one colour you can gain a nice uniformity in your designs. To get a range of colours based around one colour, you can do two things; 1. Add white to the base colour. This creates …

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Photoshop Tutorial : Designing With Paragraphs of Type

In Photoshop, you will often use point type – a few discrete words or lines – which are added by clicking once with the Type tool and then adding some text. Often, however, a design may call for full paragraphs of text. You can design complete paragraphs of type in Photoshop and you don’t have …

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