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Converting to Black & White using the Channel Mixer in Photoshop

There are many ways to convert an image to black and white in Photoshop. In the past I’ve written about the Desaturation Adjustment Layer and also converting using Calculations (not as hard and mathematical as it might sound!). Today, I’m taking a look at a method which will produce really nice, dynamic black and white …

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Colorstrology – "I was born with something special"!

I saw this mentioned by Jeffrey Zeldman on Twitter today. Well actually what he mentioned was an iphone app – I don’t have an iphone so I used the “old-fashioned” website. It’s a website called Colorstrology, made by Pantone. You can check out your colour for your birthday and it gives you a little spiel …

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10 Beautiful Examples of Photo Retouching & Manipulation

The following are all people I’ve admired from afar. This collection is a taster of some of the fabo photo retouching and manipulation work they do, something I’m really interested in and do a bit of work in myself. So these guys are quite inspirational. You’ll find no swirls or swooshes in this lot, they …

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8 Tips For Speeding Up Your Navigation Around Photoshop

I haven’t really written too many list posts, not sure why really, but here’s one today. These are 8 easy ways to speed up how you move around the interface in Photoshop. A keyboard press here, a keyboard press there and you will be flying around your workspace. Most of these I use without even …

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Design Inspiration: 1920's Posters From Chicago

I stumbled upon a beautiful collection of posters which were illustrated in the 1920’s and thought you might be interested for inspiration purposes. I love design and illustration from this era and the craftsmanship is lovely. The images and text below are from the Chicago L.org website, where you can find lots more examples. Designed …

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