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Fireworks In Photoshop

Adding Fireworks To A Night-time Photograph With Photoshop

This is an article I originally wrote for PhotographyBB magazine. Getting a good shot of fireworks can be tricky, and getting good fireworks with an interesting foreground is even trickier. So here’s a method for combining one or more fireworks photos with another night shot and have it blend beautifully in Photoshop. As with many …

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How To Quickly Create A Partial Colour Effect In Photoshop

This is a popular effect, that’s really easy to create. By using only a small block of colour in a black and white image, you can create an interesting focal point. Some photographers feel this look is overused, and maybe it is, I suppose like any effect applied to an photographic image, the key to …

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Photoshop Tutorial – Removing Gordon Brown’s Bags

Gordon Brown’s been going through the mill a bit recently and his undereye bags are getting bigger. Here’s a quick method of retouching any photograph in Photoshop to reduce or remove undereye bagginess. Now if I could just do this permanently to myself … Open the portrait that you want to retouch. I’m using this …

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Illustrator Drawing Tools Series

Last week on Sitepoint I wrote a series on how to use how to use the Illustrator drawing tools. The series is written mainly for people who are new to Illustrator, but you may find it useful even if you’ve been using Illustrator for a while. Here’s what’s covered; 1. The Line Tools 2. The …

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Offset Design Conference Comes To Dublin

Saw this very exciting news this morning, Offset 2009 will take place in Dublin from 6 – 8 November. It sounds like there will be some pretty amazing speakers including Chip Kidd, Dave McKean, Tara McPherson and a personal hero of mine, Oliver Jeffers. Early bird tickets are on sale now until the 30th of …

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