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The Big, Huge, Massive Photoshop CC Toolbar Cheatsheet

I’ve made a PDF “Cheat Sheet” of the latest Photoshop Toolbar keyboard shortcuts. This poster features every tool in the Photoshop CC Toolbar along with its shortcut key. Learning keyboard shortcuts is one of the best ways to get better and become more efficient at using Photoshop. The poster is a high quality PDF which can be printed at A4, A3, Letter or Tabloid sizes.

A good work flow in digital imaging allows you to be fast and creative. By learning keyboard shortcuts you can dramatically improve your Photoshop work rate. There are obviously a ton of keyboard shortcuts in the program but if you make a concious effort to try to remember some of them (you won’t remember them all), you’ll find that you work well with one hand on the keyboard, ready to hit that shortcut and one hand on your mouse or pen tablet.

Some of the keyboard shortcuts for the tools are simple – B for Brush, C for Crop, Z for Zoom, P for Pen. Others are not so obvious – O for the Dodge tool for example 🙂

By making a small effort to learn and use the keyboard shortcuts you’ll soon be flying in Photoshop!


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