Photoshop Quick Tip – One Keyboard Shortcut With Two Different Uses


If you’ve ready many of my Photoshop tips here on Laughing Lion Design, you’ll know that I am a HUGE fan of keyboard shortcuts. (check out this giant poster of Photoshop CC Toolbar shortcuts)

One of the most useful Photoshop keyboard shortcuts must certainly be Command + T (Ctrl + T on windows). This is the shortcut for Free Transform – a one stop shop for scaling, rotating, flipping, skewing and distorting the selected object. With a layer selected, press Cmd + T and you’ll see a bounding box appear. From here you can rotate around the corner handles, scale up or down by dragging on those handles, or do any of the other transformations already listed. You can also right-click within the bounding box to see a full list of the transformations available.

Another use of CMD + T, is as a second shortcut when combined with the Type tool. When you have the Type tool selected, press CMD + T (Ctrl +T) to quickly open the Character panel.


I would be super-grateful if you would share this tip. Thank you 🙂