This is a set of logos created for Swords Castle in North County Dublin. Over the coming year the castle will be a focal point for a series of events hosted by the Archaeology department of Fingal County Council.

The client wanted to work with the main symbol of a castle and in my initial pencil logo sketches I tried out a few stylised but simple castle ideas.


Following the sketches, I worked up a few different ideas in Illustrator, including this one – which I quite like myself 🙂 but we decided to go with something a bit bolder and stronger.


The next iteration was this more blocky and bold version, which is based around the castle gate at Swords.


The general concensus was that we were getting there, but that it looked like any generic castle, while Swords Castle gate has its own idiosyncrasies. See the photo below.

The final logo while still very simple, is based a bit more closely on the real castle gate.


To complete the project, I set up a colour system with each colour representing a different event – “My Castle”, “Digging History”, “Story of the Stone” and “Swords Archaeofest”.


Jennifer Farley

Jennifer Farley is an illustrator, designer, author and design teacher based in Ireland. She has been teaching design for over 14 years and helps people learn Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom,Illustrator and graphic design skills to improve their job prospects and their business.

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