A set of illustrations of four characters from Irish history and the time of the Norman Invasion of Ireland, created for Irish publisher An Gum.

First up we have Diarmuid Mac Murchada, the ousted King of Leinster and his beautiful daughter Aoife. As you can see Diarmuid is angry.

The Normans - Diarmuid and Aoife - illustrated by Jennifer Farley

After being deposed and losing his kingdom, he sought help from Henry II of England and the Normans. Importantly, Diarmuid obtained the support of the Earl of Pembroke Richard de Clare, AKA Strongbow. He was quite a tough dude.

Henry landed with a large fleet at Waterford in 1171, becoming the first King of England to set foot on Irish soil. Here he is looking resplendent in purple. Hovering in the background is Strongbow. Strongbow married Diarmuid’s daughter Aoife  ( I know, it’s like a soap opera.) but was later killed in battle, as was Diarmuid.

The Normans - Strongbow and Henry II illustrated by Jennifer Farley

I thoroughly enjoyed this project. I had vague recollections of covering this period in history class in secondary school but I found it infinitely more interesting reading about it this time around. Thank you to Meabh at An Gum.

Jennifer Farley

Jennifer Farley is an illustrator, designer, author and design teacher based in Ireland. She has been teaching design for over 14 years and helps people learn Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom,Illustrator and graphic design skills to improve their job prospects and their business.

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