Ivan Campo Illustration for Kampion Football Talent Project

Ivan Campo - Facebook

This is my illustration of Spanish footballer Ivan Campo. It’s part of the Kampion Football project which involves over 100 illustrators creating images of various players. I was invited to participate in the project which is organized by Portuguese advertising guy Lourenço Cunha Ferreira. The project is a card game and will be available in early 2014 for download, print and play.

Each guest illustrator was asked to choose your favorite footballer or one whose personality would adapt well to their style. I really know very little about football so I asked Lourenco for suggestions. He gave me three footballers and I chose Ivan because he has such a great face and amazing HAIR! Here’s a few pictures of Ivan i real life.

Ivan Campo Faces

As with all my illustration work, I did a couple of sketches in pencil and paper before scanning the sketch into the computer. I completed the entire illustration in Illustrator and added some nice cardboard texture.


You can see read more about the project here.

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