Picasso & The Plumber – Thoughts On Creativity

This short video is one from a series on creativity from Adobe TV. Here Sir Ken Robinson talks about how creativity is frequenly equated with being artistic or crafty, whereas the reality is, all of can be creative at something from Science to Maths to Art to Plumbing.

I think there’s a tendency to associate creativity only with the arts. And I’m a lifelong advocate of the arts, especially in education. But creativity is more than the arts, and the arts are more are creativity. There are all kinds of reasons to do the arts. They’re about the expression of sensibility. They’re about finding ways to formulate our understanding of the qualities of our experience. They’re ways in which we engage with the feelings and values of other people. They’re ways in which we shape the culture of which we’re a part. And being creative is part of the process of artistic production. But you can also be creative at anything. You could be a creative scientist, a creative mathematician. You could be a creative film maker, a creative technologist, a creative electrician, a creative architect. That’s my point. You can be creative at anything. So I wouldn’t compare Picasso to a plumber and say that he’s more creative because he’s an artist, because you can be creative in any domain. So real achievement in any field, it seems to me, is a meeting point of a natural capacity for something, a passion for doing it, and a relentless attention to the refinement of craft.