Note: I’ve recently taken over from Matt as the web officer for Illustrators Ireland, so my own blog here on Laughing Lion will now have quite a bit of illustration news from Illustrators Ireland. Let’s kick it off with this!

This year’s big show from the members of Illustrators Ireland is called the Art of Superstition and it takes place in the Copperhouse Gallery in October.

Art of Superstition - Illustrators Ireland

There is a wonderful opportunity for two talented up-and-coming illustrators to have their work shown at this exhibition alongside the artists who brought you the hugely successful “Illustrated Beatles” exhibition last year.

So how do you get involved? The competition is open to Irish-based illustrators. You don’t have to have been born here, but you do have to live here in Ireland.

Superstition is defined as :

1. a belief or notion, not based on reason or knowledge, in or of the ominous significance of a particular thing, circumstance, occurrence, proceeding, or the like.
2. a system or collection of such beliefs.
3. a custom or act based on such a belief.
4. irrational fear of what is unknown or mysterious, especially in connection with religion.
5. any blindly accepted belief or notion.

For your entry to ‘The Art of Superstition’ we’re looking for a most creative interpretation of the above. Entries must be received by the 1st of September, so you need to get your skates on.

The work can be created in any medium and the dimensions required for the work are shown below. Note that final artwork should be 360 dpi. However, please send your competition entry at a low resolution of 72 ppi in JPEG format by email to .

Art of Superstition - Illustrators Ireland
Ten entries which are considered original, creative, emotionally powerful and well executed in the chosen medium will be shortlisted. From the shortlist, a judging panel will choose two winners whose work will be exhibited in the Copper House Gallery as part of the Art of Superstition. The judging panel for the competition consists of Niamh Sharkey, Adrienne Geogehegan, Roger O’Reilly, Steve Simpson, Jesse Campbell-Brown, Leszek Wolnik and Peter Donnelly.

The winners will be chosen second week mid September. For more information check out the Art of Superstition Facebook page.

Good luck!

Jennifer Farley

Jennifer Farley is an illustrator, designer, author and design teacher based in Ireland. She has been teaching design for over 14 years and helps people learn Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom,Illustrator and graphic design skills to improve their job prospects and their business.

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