This is an illustration I did recently for The Looking Glass Magazine. The Looking Glass is a creative writing magazine exclusively for children’s literature and illustrations. The magazine features art work, short stories, novel extracts and poetry from both established and up-and-coming authors and illustrators.

I love pretty much anything to do with the sea, whether it’s swimming in it, kayaking on it, or sailing through it. I could draw sea-related pictures forever and indulged myself with the image for the magazine. It’s a man from the west of Ireland out sailing very late at night in stormy seas in a Galway Hooker. That “hooker” has nothing to do with a lady of the night but in case you’re not familiar with them here’s a description via Wikipedia.

The Galway hooker (Irish: húicéir) is a traditional fishing boat used in Galway Bay off the west coast of Ireland. The hooker was developed for the strong seas there. It is identified by its sharp, clean entry, bluff bow, marked tumble-home and raked transom. Its sail plan consists of a single mast with a main sail and two foresails. Traditionally, the boat is black (being coated in pitch) and the sails are a dark red-brown

The-Sea---Wild-West illustrated by Jennifer-Farley

Jennifer Farley

Jennifer Farley is an illustrator, designer, author and design teacher based in Ireland. She has been teaching design for over 14 years and helps people learn Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom,Illustrator and graphic design skills to improve their job prospects and their business.

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