Last night I went to the Illustrator’s evening in Eason’s in Dublin. It was the second Illustrators night and was absolutely brilliant. The wonderful Oliver Jeffers, the fantastic Sarah McIntyre and the artistic genius P.J. Lynch were the illustrators in question. Each one spoke a little about how the work and also drew some pictures with much hilarity and charm. It was very inspirational for me to hear them talk. I’ve heard P.J. and Oliver talk at other events but this was the first time I heard Sarah talk about her lovely work and how she makes little books all the time.

One idea that I really like and which I’m going to attempt myself is the comic hour or hourly comic (can’t remember exactly which). But the idea is, every hour, draw one comic panel or page that represents what you’ve been doing in the hour. As Sarah said, it may be silly or mundane but the point is you’re drawing.

At the start of the evening, everyone attending was given some paper and pencils to draw along with Sarah, Oliver and P.J. I did indeed draw along with Sarah and Oliver but just sat in awe as P.J. drew the most amazing dragon.

Sarah drew a crazy looking pirate and we all drew along step by step. Here’s my sketch:



I scanned it in and did some more colouring in when I got home. Here’s my finished pirate:


Thanks to the illustrators and Eason’s for such a great evening.

Jennifer Farley

Jennifer Farley is an illustrator, designer, author and design teacher based in Ireland. She has been teaching design for over 14 years and helps people learn Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom,Illustrator and graphic design skills to improve their job prospects and their business.

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