This is the first of several posts I’m putting up today of my favourite American photographers and artists.

Arthur Fellig was born in Austria in 1899 and moved to the the USA in 1909, settling in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. In 1935, he became a freelance photographer and acquired the name Weegee, apparently a reference to the Ouija board and his uncanny ability to arrive quickly at crime scenes – sometimes, even before the police. In 1937, he was the only civilian allowed to install a police radio in his car.

All of these photographs come from the Amber Online Exhibit.


Simply Add Boiling Water.



Entertainers at Sammy's-on-the-Bowery, 1944-45.


Lovers with 3-D glasses at the Palace Theatre (Infra-red), 1943.


Summer, The Lower East Side, 1937.

The Cannon Act, 1952.