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For your viewing pleasure and inspiration, here’s a few links to some beautiful and interesting type design. (All images in this post are copyright of the designers).

The Best in Custom Letters 2009, from Lettercult. 15 (yes fifteen) pages of beautiful hand done type.



Lovely website on graphic designer Lester Beall. The first graphic designer to have a one man show at the Museum Of Modern Art. The site includes a section on his surrealist typography.


Neue is an online magazine/project concerned with two things, type and cities. The entire site is based on typographic submissions from designers.


Designer Michael Paukner’s Flickr Photostream is filled with goodies, like this atheist Christmas card.



The wonderful work of Christian Northeast (what a cool name) found via the Jealous Curator.


Google before you tweet is the new think before you speak. (via We Love Typography)


What do you think of these?

Please feel free to add links to typography you love in the comments.

Comments (3)

Bah. they just make me come over all jealous. Beautiful stuff!

6 years ago

I know, Julie me too!

6 years ago

These are such visually pleasing treatments, great inspiration for sure!
Thanks for sharing.

5 years ago

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