There’s nothing quite like viewing other artists or designers sketchbooks to help you feel inspired. Whether it’s a sense of guilt because you haven’t been doing as much drawing as you would like to, or maybe it’s seeing a little bit of the world through someone else’s eyes that gets you excited, or maybe (as in my case) you would just love to be able to draw like this. And it’s nice to look at something NOT created in Photoshop or Illustrator. (Only for a little while though!)

There are tons of lovely sketchbook sites on the web but this is a list of 10 sites dedicated to the art of sketching while travelling or on holiday, in cities and the country. Some of these sites are collaborative efforts so you get to see lots of different styles. All images are copyright the artist.

1. Urban Sketchers


2. Trumpetvine Sketchblog


3. Travels With A Sketchbook


4. Sketchcrawl


5. Craftmonkeys


6. Marcellus Hall


7. Jane Tomlinson


8. Michael Kluckner


9. Roland Lee


10. Taccuino di Viaggio


Please feel free to add your own favourite travel sketchbook sites. I’d love to see them.

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