8 Tips For Speeding Up Your Navigation Around Photoshop

I haven’t really written too many list posts, not sure why really, but here’s one today. These are 8 easy ways to speed up how you move around the interface in Photoshop. A keyboard press here, a keyboard press there and you will be flying around your workspace. Most of these I use without even thinking anymore so I hope you find them useful.

1. Press Tab to hide your toolbox, options and palettes. This gives you much more room in your workspace and is a handy way to get an uncluttered view of your work. Roll your cursor over the edge of the left, right or top of the screen to display them again, roll your cursor away and they’ll hide again.

8 Photoshop Workspace Tips

2. To keep your toolbox on the screen but hide the palettes, hit Shift + Tab.

3. When you’re working with large documents or are zoomed in closely, the Page Up and Page Down keys move you one full screen up or down one full screen.

4. Press Ctrl/Cmd + Page Up to move one full screen left, press Ctrl/Cmd + Page Down to move one full screen right.

5. Press the Home key to jump to the top left corner of your image. Press the End key to jump to the bottom right corner.

6. If you have more than one document open, press Ctrl/Cmd + Tab to cycle through each one in turn.

7. When you have one or more documents open, you can match their magnification or match their location. To do this choose Window > Arrange to Match Zoom, Match Location or Match Zoom and Location.

Photoshop Tips

8. Hold Alt/Option + click on the info area on the bottom of the document window to quickly get more information about your open image.

Photoshop Tips

What other tips do you have for speeding up around the interface? Or for speeding up your workflow in general, I’d love to hear your tips.


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