Photoshop Tutorial: Changing Lip Colour

In this Photoshop tutorial, I’m going to show you a quick and easy way to change the colour of someone’s lips. You might find this useful if you work for a lipstick manufacturer or if you have a photograph where you hate your lipstick colour.

1. Open the photograph that you are going to retouch. I’m using a photo of myself below. Oh hang on, sorry, that’s Cindy Crawford …

(Image from Wallpaperbase)

2. Use the lasso tool to draw around the lips. Don’t be afraid to zoom right in so that you can see exactly what you are doing.

3. I selected the top lip first, then held down the Shift key, while still using the Lasso tool to add to the selection and traced around the bottom lip.

4. Now, we’re going to feather the selection so that the edge around the lips is not too severe. Choose Select > Modify > Feather or Alt + Ctl + D (windows) or Opt + Cmd + D (mac) and set the feather to about 3 pixels. This value will change depending on the size of your image.

5. On the Layers palette, click on the Adjustment layer button and choose Colour Balance.

This opens the Colour Balance dialog box. Now you can play around with the sliders to choose whatever colour takes your fancy. The best thing about this is that because it is on an adjustment layer, you are not changing or damaging any pixels on your original image.

6. When you’ve found the colour you like, click OK and voila, there’s your new lipstick colour. If you feel the colour is too strong, reduce down the opacity on the adjustment layer.

And just for fun, here’s the poster for my new cosmetic company.


  1. Mei says:

    I’m new to Photoshop, usually spend much time looking at Illustrator stuff and rarely look at blogs talking about Photoshop. But your this blog post really got my attention!

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