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You can clone an image, or part of an image onto a separate image in Photoshop using the Clone Tool. Here’s how to do it;

1. Make sure that you have two images open – the one you want to clone from and the one you want to clone to.

2. Select the Clone Tool (S) and Alt + Click (windows) or Option + Click (mac) on the first image to select a sample point.

3. Switch over to image you want to clone onto and start painting.

Cloning from one image to another

Comments (4)

A simple tip, but SO USEFUL — thanks!!!

8 years ago

You’re very welcome SFWD!

8 years ago

Very cool quick little tip!

8 years ago

This is SO very helpful! I’ve been working on a photo for 25 minutes and got after 1000 fails I found your post and fixed the photo in a minutes. Thank you so very much. It made my evening extra delightful)

4 years ago

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