Photoshop / Bridge Quick Tip : Embed Your Info In Your Photographs

Everytime you take a picture with your digital camera, some background information is embedded into the photograph. This information is called EXIF data and it records information such as the camera name, exposure, shutter speed and a whole lot more technical data.

By using Bridge (which comes with Photoshop CS2 and CS3) you can also add your own information such as your name, website, email and copyright. Obviously this is very important for photographers and can in a small way help to combat people nicking your stuff. It’s really easy, here are the steps: (Note: These screengrabs are from CS3, but you can do exactly the same in CS2).

1. Open Bridge by clicking on the Bridge icon at the top right of the Photoshop screen or choose File > Browse in Photoshop.

2. Browse to find the file that you want to add additional data to.

Bridge Interface

3. If the Metadata panel is not already open in Bridge, choose Window > Metadata Panel.

4. On the Metadata Panel, you’ll see a section called IPTC data – this is where you can add your own information. To add your info click next to any IPTC that has a pencil beside it. The field will change to white and you can type in the relevant details.

Metadata PAnel

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