Photoshop Tutorial : How to use the Trim Command

The Trim command in Photoshop provides another way to crop an image. The Trim command works by removing unwanted parts of the image – you can specify which parts. The image crops by trimming surrounding transparent pixels, or background pixels of the colour you specify. Here’s a quick tutorial showing you how it works.


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  3. gaurav says:

    Sometimes after working with images on a transparent background, you’re left with extra space around your object. Cropping the image precisely can be tricky, especially if you have soft shadow edges.

    This is where Photoshop’s Trim command comes in so handy (choose Image > Trim in Photoshop’s menu).

    As long as the area you want to crop is transparent or a solid color, the Trim dialog box lets you instantly crop your document’s canvas to the outer border of your image.

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