Photoshop Tutorial : Changing eye colour with the Colour Replacement tool

The colour replacement tool is another one of the neglected tools in the Photoshop toolbox, which is a shame because it is incredibly powerful yet easy to use. It is not unlike the Healing Brush in that you paint with it like a normal paintbrush, but instead or overwriting the image with a solid colour, it changes the colour while holding onto the details and textures in the image.
It’s also easy to apply the colour replacement very precisely because you use it like a paintbrush.

In this video tutorial, I’m using the Colour Replacement tool to change a subject’s eyecolour from green to blue – while importantly keeping the realism.


  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks Jordan

    Yep, I started out years ago with Paint Shop Pro too and I loved it. A lot of the fundamentals are the same regardless of which program you use.

    Have to say Photoshop is a super-duper program though, I’d find it hard to go back.

  2. Web designer Fredrick says:

    really a useful tip. i enjoyed reading the post. i do like to work photoshop. found its a great tool for colour replacement. i really appreciate your video in this post, clearly showing how to replace the colour.

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