Photoshop : Tutorial – Changing the direction of brush strokes

If you’re working with brushes with irregular shapes in Photoshop, you may find that you want to rotate the Brush so that you can get the same brush stroke horizontally as vertically. But how do you do it? Well the good news is that you CAN do this AND it’s easy too.

1. Select the brush tool from the tool box .

2. Choose a brush preset on the tool options bar.

(I’ve picked a policeman brush from Magurno).

This is what the brush looks like in its normal state when I drag horizontally and vertically.

However, if I want to change the direction of the brush stroke, I need to make a change in the Brush Tip Shape.

3. Select Window > Brushes to display the Brushes palette, or click on the Brushes palette if it’s docked up in the right hand corner..

4. Click on the words Brush Tip Shape” to display the brush shape options.

5. In the Angle box, change the 0 to 90. (if it already says 90, change it to 0 or 180 degrees).

Now when I drag with the paintbrush, the brush stroke is rotated.


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