How To Remove Red-eye in Photoshop With One Click

*Updated in February 2017 to reflect changes in the Photoshop CC interface. This quick one-click method to remove red-eye is exactly the same in pre-CC versions of Photoshop.*

We’ve all seen photographs of people where the subject has “red eye”. Sometimes it’s mild, with just a hint of red-eye, other times it makes the person look like the Terminator!

Red eye happens when the light from a flash enters the subject’s pupil and is reflected off the retina at the back of the eye and comes back out to the camera. The reflection appears red because the retina is full of thin blood vessels.

Many cameras now have a “red-eye” reduction option which fires a burst of flashes just before the actual flash is fired and a photograph is taken. This can certainly help prevent red-eye but it doesn’t always stop it. Another way to help reduce red-eye, is to tell the subject not to look directly at the camera or if possible, increase the room lighting.

Of course, if these tactics fail, you can always use our beloved Photoshop to swiftly retouch your photograph. It literally takes one click with the Red eye tool.

Easy Red Eye Removal

The Red Eye tool in Photoshop removes red-eye in flash photos of people and white or green reflections in flash photos of animals. Here’s how to do it:

1. Open your photograph with red-eye in Photohop.

Red Eye in photograph

2. Select the Red Eye tool from the toolbox. Redeye-Tool Photoshop

If you can’t see the tool, it is hidden beneath the Spot Healing Brush tool.

Red-Eye Tool Photoshop

3. Click directly on the red eye on the image. The eye should change to a dark pupil.

One Click And Red Eye Is Gone


Severe Red Eye Removal

Sometimes the repair doesn’t work out as you expected. If the subject has large pupils and the red-eye is severe.

You can try setting one or both of the following options in the toolbar at the top of the screen:

Red Eye Tool Options Photoshop

Pupil Size sets the size of the pupil centre of the eye).

Darken Amount sets the darkness of the pupil.

Depending on how bad the red eye problem is, playing around with these options will give a better result than the default values of 50% for Pupil Size and Darken Amount. Try a pupil size of 65% and a Darken Amount of 80% and simply click on the red part of the eye. Voila! The red-eye will be gone.


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  1. jennyrusks says:

    Thanks Sera. Yep, some people seem more prone to it than others. I think I might have read somewhere that it happens more with people with blue eyes?

  2. sonal says:


    thank you sooo much!!
    I have lotss of pictures like this and I’ve been looking 4 this tutorial 4 agesss!!!

    Short and good tutorial!!

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