Photoshop : Tutorial – Using Match Colour to Remove a Colour Cast

Often colour casts can be removed just using the Auto Colour image adjustment. Sometimes, however we need something a bit more heavy duty to get rid of a very strong colour cast.

Open an image with a strong colour cast.I’m using a picture of a church which looks very blue and cold. Using Auto Colour with this image just didn’t work.

Choose Image > Adjustments > Match Colour

Turn on the checkbox for Neutralize, and you’ll find that the colour cast is gone. Ta Da!

Sometimes you may find that the Neutalise checkbox is nearly too powerful and in the case of removing a yellow colour cast, it appears as if too much of the cast has been removed and the image will appear blue. If you find this is the case you can drag the fade slider to the right so that some of the colour cast reappears. The Fade slider is almost like an Undo slider. When you are happy with how it looks, click OK.