Photoshop : Tutorial – Eyecatching Text Effect Using Layer Effects

Here’s a very simple and quick way to create some eye-catching text. It’s all based around one Text layer with three layer effects added. Let’s get started.

1. Create a new file with dimensions of 500 x 200 pixels.

2. Select the Type tool and add some text. I’m using the Cooper Black font, size 72, anti-aliasing set to smooth and colour set to red.


3. Make sure the text layer is selected then click on the Layer Effect button on the bottom of the layers palette.

4. Select Drop Shadow from the Layer Effect drop down menu and choose a Distance and Size of 5 and Spread of 0%.

5. Don’t click OK, yet. Click on the words “Inner Shadow” on the left hand side of the Layer Style dialog box. This will change the options available in the dialog box. Again, set a Distance and Size of 5% and Choke of 0%.

6. Don’t click OK, again! Click on the word “Stroke” on the bottom left of the dialog box. Set the Size to 3 pixels, Position to Outside and the Colour to white.

7. Click OK. The final layer set-up and the text below:


  1. She Says says:

    if i’m doing this for a CP shirt, and i’m using 10inx10in, 300 pixels per inch, how does this change? do I have to change the settings? I was able to follow the tutorial at 72 ppi, but if i do it at 300 i’m not seeing the results. thanks!

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