Illustrator: Quick Tip – Gaps & Live Paint

When you create an illustration in Illustrator CS2, you will find that not every path will line up perfectly and you will see gaps. If you want to fill in a region with colour, these sort of gaps can sometimes cause problems and you end up with a blue face when you were actually just trying to fill in an eye colour. To get over this, with a Live Paint group selected, you can choose Object > Live Paint > Gap Options to specify that gaps of a certain size (which you define- small, medium, large or custom size) will close filled areas.

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  1. joebox99 says:

    Yes, but even when i turn my gap detection on set it to max or customize it does not close all gaps I need to close. surprisingly as I increase the gap size number it opens some previously closed gaps. So I can never get to the stage when all my gaps are closed.

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