Photoshop: Tutorial – Vertical Type Tool & Character Palette

The Vertical Type tool is used for typing text (surprise!!)vertically on your image. But did you know that you can also rotate the vertical text using the character palette? Here’s a short tutorial to show you how to use the tool and also how to change the orientation of the text.

This short tutorial, shows you how to use the Vertical Type Tool in Photoshop and how to rotate the Vertical text using the Character Palette menu.

Open an image file. I’m using a portrait shaped picture of two boats.

Choose the Vertical Type tool from the tool box.

Select any font you like, preferably something that looks quite heavy, choose a large size and set the anti-aliasing to strong. It’s also a good idea to use capital letters when you’re working with Vertical Type because each letter is the same height and therefore there won’t be large gaps between the bottom of one letter and the top of the next letter.( I selected Arial Black, size 72)

Type some text onto your image. Your typing will appear vertically on the screen.

Click on any tool on the toolbox to commit the type OR click on the Commit Any Current Edits button () on the Options tool bar to commit the type.

Change the orientation of text by 90 degrees with the Character Palette

Select the Vertical Type Tool again and highlight the words you have typed on your image.

Choose Window > Character to open up the Character palette menu

Click on the small triangle in the upper right corner of the Character palette menu and then click on Standard Vertical Roman Alignment. (It will initially have a check mark beside it indicating that the option is selected).

When you release the mouse button, the text will change direction.

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