Farids Rickshaw Ride - Illustrated By Jennifer Farley - Cover

Farid’s Rickshaw Ride Picture Book

Farid’s Rickshaw Ride is a 48 page picture book written by Rowan Oberman and illustrated by me. It tells the story of a young boy in Bangladesh and the rickshaw driver who takes him around ...

Rosa Parks Illustration by Jennifer Farley

Historic Figures

I’m very interested in illustrating non-fiction topics, and this is a collection of illustrations of famous figures from history. Some are living, recent figures of historical note, while others are long gone.


The Vikings Are Coming!

This illustration and graphic design project commissioned by Fingal County Council involved creating a set of illustrations for use on a wide variety of media. From A4 sized printed brochures and downloadable PDFs up to ...

Revolution illustration by Jennifer Farley


This was my submission to the Fire illustration competition. The theme was “Revolution”. I chose the revolutionary steps of: 1 – Log off your computer, 2 – Go outside, 3 – Take a picture, just ...

Giselle Illustrated by Jennifer Farley


This illustration was commissioned by the Birmingham Royal Ballet as part of their Pointe Blank initiative – Collections of original images inspired by the plots of major narrative works in the repertory of Birmingham Royal ...

Animal ABC Book illustrated by Jennifer Farley

Animal ABC Book

This Animal ABC book is published on iTunes and is available to download here. Here’s the official blurb: A stylish animal alphabet book with beautiful illustrations.This alphabet book features bold, bright colours with compelling illustrations ...

Fruit & Vegetable ABC Book by illustrated Jennifer Farley

Fruit & Vegetables ABC

Fruit & Vegetables ABC is a colorful multi-touch illustrated book. Featuring a fun set of vegetables from A to Z. This is a follow up to the successful Animal ABC book released last year and can be ...


McElligot’s Pool

This my interpretation of the Dr. Seuss story of McElligots Pool. The story begins as a boy named Marco fishes in a small, rubbish-filled pond, McElligot’s Pool. A farmer laughs at the boy and tells him ...


Damn Fine Dublin

My contribution to the Damn Fine Dublin exhibition. A group of 30 artists and illustrators were invited to create a piece based on what Dublin means to them. This is called Nice Day For A ...



A variety of portraits of people. Some famous, some not so famous. Some even infamous.


Pirate T-Shirt

This t-shirt illustration was created especially for Skinny Bear T-Shirts. Even pirates like a nice cup of tea.


Solar System

Map of the Solar System including the planet Pluto. Which officially isn’t a planet anymore.

Illustrated Beatles Jennifer Farley

Illustrated Beatles

This is my contribution to the Illustrators Ireland “Illustrated Beatles” exhibition. 40 illustrators created a new piece of work based on a Beatles songs. My song was “Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite” – ...

Book of Kells Illustrated by Jennifer Farley

Book of Kells

My contribution to the Book of Kells exhibition in Belfast. Artists were invited to submit their interpretation of what the Book of Kells could mean for communities in today’s society.

Madame Butterfly - Jennifer Farley

Madame Butterfly

Illustration for a family concert performance of Puccini’s beautiful opera, Madame Butterfly.

Dog illustration

Dog Blog

I was commissioned by Automattic (makers of WordPress) to create a design for a premium theme for WordPress. I chose the theme of a pet blog and these were some of the illustrations included in the theme.

A Midsummer Night's Dream Illustrated by Jennifer Farley

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Illustrated poster for Shakespeare’s comedy A Midsummers Night’s Dream.

Hamlet Poster illustrated by Jennifer Farley


Poster for William Shakespeare’s tragedy, Hamlet.

Jennifer Farley- Wild West Illustration

Wild West

Illustration created for The Looking Glass magazine. The wild west refers to the west of Ireland and the wild Atlantic sea. Here we see a fisherman out in his Galway Hooker (a type of boat with ...

National Museum Deer illustration Jennnifer Farley

Natural History Museum

I was commissioned by the Natural History Museum in Dublin to make an illustration of the Great Irish Deer, which roamed Ireland 1000′s of years ago. The giant Irish Elk stood about 2.1 metres (6.9 ft) tall ...

Poolga-- King and Queen of the Jungle Illustrated by Jennifer Farley


The King and Queen of the jungle, illustrated for Poolga, who provide Art for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch created by selected illustrators.